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We welcome all students of the CILL (Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning) to the new academic year 2014/15 and we wish you a fruitful learning experience.

Please always bear in mind that the platform is your main study area and for any queries, please email your respective lecturers/tutors highlighting clearly your name, the subject of your email, the programme of studies you are enrolled on and the module for which you have a query. This will facilitate for a speedy response from your lecturer/tutor.

Please use your private email and not the platform messaging system as pop-ups might be blocked in certain browsers and your message will not be delivered.

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Time Table 2014-2015 - Yr 1/Yr 2/Yr 3
by M Issack Santally - Saturday, 16 August 2014, 02:38 PM
To ALL Students

Please find attached the timetable for the academic year 2014/15.

First year students will start classes with Mr Harry on Monday 18th August as per timetable.

Year 2 students will receive enrolment keys from the lecturers by Monday 18th 2014.

Year 3 students will receive enrolment keys from lecturers as from 19th August 2014. Classes will be conducted for the following modules as per time table:

1. Visual Programming
2. Web Engineering
3. Cartoon-based animation tools
4. Networking fundamentals

M Santally